News life style disorders other sections questions meet our team contact new imaging tehnique improves copd diagnosis and treatment posted in: medical news by victor smida no comments on october 7th, 2012 tweet email a team of researchers from the university of michigan medical school have developed a new imaging technique that improves diagnosis of copd. generic viagra The new technique, called parametric response mapping, or prm, uses ct scans of patients with copdâ and allows to distinguish different types of lung damage. Co-author meilanâ han, m. D. viagra online without prescription Ms, a pulmonologistâ and copdgeneâ um investigator, said that prmâ is a step forward that allows the sub-classification of patients with copd. no rx viagra cheap In addition, he added thatâ betterâ understanding of the patient’s characteristicsâ allows more targeted therapies. viagra coupon Copdâ is a chronic respiratory disease characterized by chronic bronchitis and emphysema occurring due to lung tissue damage. In other words, copdâ refers to narrowed airways which means that gas exchanges do not occur as it should. generic viagra online Patients with copdâ often suffer from dyspnea. Of course, the symptoms vary depending on the type of copd: in those with chronic bronchitis (blue boaters),â  theâ main symptom is cough while in those with emphysema (pink puffers),â  the main symptom is dyspnea. These symptoms are due, on the one hand, to the fact thatâ â the bronchi are filled with mucus(cough) and, on the other hand, due toâ destruction of septa between alveoli (dyspnea). buy viagra in india Copdâ can be kept under control with drugs: bronchodilatorsâ (beta2â adrenergicâ receptor agonists) such as salbutamol, corticosteroids (budesonide), anticholinergicâ (ipratropium), theophylline etc. Copd is most commonly associated with smoking, but there are also other factors involved, such as exposure to pollutants,â etc. â it must be said that copd â is diagnosed using spirometry tests. yahoo mail sending viagra emails But spirometry has several limitations because it can not distinguish between different types of lung damage that patient has. In addition, spirometry results are highly dependent on patient cooperation. Spirometry requires the patient to blow several times throughâ a device called spirometer. Therefore, the results can sometimes be underestimated. Diagnostic imaging methods such as ct scans, help locateâ the emphysema and excludes other lung diseases. Prmâ was originally developed to assess the response to treatment of brain tumors but researchers thought to extend the application of this techniqueâ to the lungs. Now with prm, patients with copdâ may benefit from a more precise diagnosis that carefully examines the small airways. Researchers can create a three-dimensional map of the patient’s lung tissue. side effects viagra use Thisâ  three-dimensional map tissue reflect the extension of impaired lung tissue: red means very low lung capacity to give off the air of small airways, ye. viagra cost